Paperwork – Are you struggling?

Many small-business operators are struggling with paperwork and are making significant personal sacrifices over and above running their day-to-day business. While it’s easy to put the extra work on the backburner, there are several actions small business owners can take to ensure they aren’t caught out at tax time. By starting early as well as seeking out help from their advisers or using accounting software and good bookkeeping routines, SMEs can save a great deal of personal time and stress further down the track.

New Financial Year – Resolution starts now

Resolution – the quality of being determined or resolute So what are your new financial year resolutions for your business in 2016/17? Are you determined to make a change this year and move forward with confidence and fresh ways of looking at your business? Is it my imagination or does each financial year end seem to come around quicker than the last? Here we are once again at the start of…  Read more

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