MYOB – the software that improves with age!

Moving your file from the classic version of MYOB to the new version of AccountRight 2018 is like buying the latest model of your favourite brand of car. Everything is familiar but holy cow the improved engine design driving you further, the extra features helping you get there faster and the world-class data storage and security giving you peace of mind safety all add up pretty quickly!  Add to that…  Read more

MYOB Certified Consultant of the Year 2018

On Friday 21 September at Hi-Sense Arena, Melbourne in front of a crowd of my some of my closest friends and colleagues, I was honoured, humbled and totally overwhelmed to be announced as MYOB Certified Consultants of the Year for 2018 along with my dear friend Debra Anderson from Anderson Tax & Consulting. Firstly, I need to make mention of 3 very special people in my life who have been…  Read more

Loving Your Numbers – Discover the Secrets

Take A Journey with me to Loving Your Numbers? Before we begin on the journey to Loving Your Numbers, let me tell you I love numbers, numbers tell stories, great stories and nightmares. Understanding your numbers story and what it is telling you about your business is a key factor to success and growth, so that’s my business, that’s my passion. Let me also take a moment to introduce you…  Read more

Paperwork – Are you struggling?

Many small-business operators are struggling with paperwork and are making significant personal sacrifices over and above running their day-to-day business. While it’s easy to put the extra work on the backburner, there are several actions small business owners can take to ensure they aren’t caught out at tax time. By starting early as well as seeking out help from their advisers or using accounting software and good bookkeeping routines, SMEs can save a great deal of personal time and stress further down the track.

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