How do I get so much done in a day?

Want to know how I get so much done in 1 day? The answer is one word:


You’ve got a limited number of hours in your day, just as I do. So what’s the best way to spend that time?

You need to maximise the time you spend on growing your business, and the key to doing that successfully is automation.

Automating your bookkeeping, your compliance, how you integrate your point-of-sale with your accounts and more.

Even bookkeepers go into business to grow their businesses, not the size of their accounts ledgers!

As a young company, don’t fall into the trap of choosing systems that work for you today: choose systems that will work for you in five years’ time.

More tips during my presentation on Oct 30th

I’ll be taking small business owners through a range of practical ideas and techniques to help with focus. Focusing on the tasks they should be doing and focusing on the numbers that really count – revenue, growth, the number of satisfied customers – without losing control of your financials.

I hope you can join me on Wednesday, October 30th for this free event at the Microsoft Reactor space in Sydney’s CBD Startup Hub. It’s a free three-hour event from Digivizer, supported by Google as part of October’s NSW Small Business Month.

I’ll be joining Digivizer CEO Emma Lo Russo and a team of industry experts. Between us, we aim to give businesses all they need to know to accelerate their growth.

There are a few cool perks for attendees so make sure you check it out if you’re in Sydney on Wednesday! All the details can be found here.

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