MYOB – the software that improves with age!

Moving your file from the classic version of MYOB to the new version of AccountRight 2018 is like buying the latest model of your favourite brand of car.

Everything is familiar but holy cow the improved engine design driving you further, the extra features helping you get there faster and the world-class data storage and security giving you peace of mind safety all add up pretty quickly!  Add to that all those wish list items you want in your accounting software on a daily basis for common workflow tasks. Further, how about the ability to integrate aftermarket add-ons and accessories as you grow and expand without having to worry about whether it will still meet your needs in the future and will save you time and money in the long term.  All this and so much more will have you wondering what’s been holding you back.

There has never been a better time to take the leap with MYOB announcing recently that it was finally going to retire its classic platform after 25 years of loyal service to the small business communities of Australia and New Zealand – what a proud achievement for an Aussie icon!

MYOB is a software that never grows old, it just keeps improving with age and technology, just like the engineering on your favourite brand of car!  It’s all-encompassing features still meet the needs of around 80% of the small business community to complete those everyday workflow tasks that accounting software should embrace without the necessity of expensive add-ons and integrations that generally take more time and money to maintain.

The vision and commitment of the company are to help small business succeed and every employee in the company lives and breathes that mission every single day with heart and soul, it truly is an amazing company to partner with.

You also have peace of mind that you can get the support you need, how you need it, phone, email, forum, help notes and videos, and a partner community dedicated to helping you succeed.

Just like anything in life change is scary and fear holds us back. I get it!! All those nagging what if questions make it easy to stay in your comfort zone and miss out on the opportunity to really make some improvements to your business process, simplify your compliance burdens and save time being chained to the mundane when you’d rather be out creating the magic in your business.

Over the last few years, I have helped dozens of clients successfully take this leap with no pain, stress or loss of any kind. Quite the opposite really, it’s been a fast process and has opened up a world of time saving features like bank feeds and rules, paying super straight from the software in a few clicks, having source documents attached or fed into the software hands free using MYOB Intray, online invoices and payment solutions, lodging BAS/IAS directly from the software and Single Touch Payroll compliance and and don’t forget best in its class security with 2FA (mobile or email one time passcodes), individual my.myob user access accounts along with journal and security report improvements to show you who did what and when! Oh and did I mention all your data is stored in Australia, no overseas oversight legislation here, how important to you is that??

Don’t forget this is what we call a hybrid software, so when the internet goes down MYOB keeps marching on, no downtime here, access anywhere, anytime, unlike cloud-only offerings.

Say hi to my average client, worried about security, loss of data, downtime and all-around change!  The simple process goes something like this – company file backed up, upgraded and moved online, forms migrated and modernised, user access and invites for accountant and bookkeeper sent, bank feeds set up in each file, pay super setup, online invoices and payments setup, Single Touch Payroll setup, and an overview training session on new features and tasks completed in around 1/2 a day, 2-3 coffees and generally lots of laughs.  A great result!!!

I told you I love your numbers and I do just that with best of breed software solutions and training.

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