JobMaker Hiring Credits Explained

The JobMaker Hiring Credits scheme involves wage subsidies for businesses that increase their headcounts by hiring young workers aged 16-35 years.  These new employees will have been receiving a government payment such as JobSeeker, Youth Allowance or the Parenting Payment for at least two of the six fortnights prior to being employed into the role with you. Employees must also work a minimum average of 20 hours per week during…  Read more

4 Ways Expense Reimbursements are Hurting Your Business

What Are Expense Reimbursements? Expense reimbursements are refunds given to your team when they’ve used their personal money on business-related expenses. Common types of expense reimbursements include: Travel and Kilometres Meals and Entertainment Office Expenses Education Expenses 4 Ways Expense Reimbursements are Hurting Your Business 1.  Decreased Employee Satisfaction When a member of your team is forced to use personal funds for company expenses this can impact their personal cash…  Read more

Podcast – Bouncing Back – EP 6 – Next

In the final installment of Bouncing Back, we discuss planning for the future and how to manage the difficulties of working alongside a fast-paced economy. It considers the prevalence of digital disruption, and the need to be proactive rather than reactive in order to stay ahead of the competition. Disruption is a word which has become ubiquitous in recent years. Technology is advancing at such a rate that there’s barely…  Read more

Using Scarcity to Make More Sales

For an online business owner, scarcity is a valuable tool that can turn a failing product into a winner. It is best implemented in a subtle way that does not draw attention to itself, but the urge to purchase remains very potent. Scarcity can be a small part of your sales process that adds some additional revenue, or it can be a major component of your marketing funnel that influences…  Read more

Insolvency Reforms: What Does This Mean For Your Business?

It has been extremely difficult for many business owners to keep their business afloat amid the COVID-19 crisis. Throwing a lifeline to small businesses, the government has overhauled insolvency laws to save thousands of jobs and companies on the verge of collapse. What Are The Changes? From the current ‘creditor-in-possession’ regime, Australia’s insolvency laws will shift to a ‘debtor-in-possession system’. Entities with liabilities below $1 million will be able to…  Read more

Podcast – Bouncing Back – EP 5 – Growth

Episode 5 considers the ups and downs that come with business growth and the challenges one must overcome to achieve it. It explores the additional strain that growth can place on business owners and asks how we can look after ourselves when faced with more things to do, and less time to do them. “Sometimes you are able to prepare for business growth and sometimes it takes you by surprise.…  Read more

Podcast – Bouncing Back – EP 4 – Relationships

Welcome to Episode 4 of Bouncing Back.  This episode is a discussion of what is core to any business; relationships. Whether they be with employees, contractors, or your family and friends, relationships are foundational to any successful business. However, they can also be the thing that makes running a business challenging and stressful. Managing these relationships effectively can be a steep and unexpected learning curve for those entering the small…  Read more

Podcast – Bouncing Back – EP 3 – Tough

Episode 3 looks at the realities of mixing life and business and how to look after yourself when things outside your control go wrong. From personal challenges to economic downturns it can be hard to find balance while running a business. ‘Tough’ explores the importance of looking after the most important asset to your business; you. “Small business owners operate in an environment, in a society where part of the…  Read more

Podcast – Bouncing Back – EP 2 – Money

Following on from last week’s post, introducing Episode 1 of Bouncing Back , this week we focus on Money! Episode 2 tackles one of the biggest stressors for small business owners; money. It highlights that money-related issues are one of the most significant learning curves required for a small business owner when setting up the business. Whether it is getting paid on time, being responsible for employees’ income, or making risky…  Read more

Podcast – Bouncing Back – EP 1 – Imposter

Prior to COVID-19, I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to host a 6 part podcast series for the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.  The series has been released through the  Ahead for Business website. For many small business owners, failure is an inevitable part of their business experience. When people experience failure it can greatly affect their internal image. This podcast series seeks to…  Read more

Business support package for Victoria

On Sunday 13 September 2020 the Victorian Government announced a $3 billion business support package comprising cash grants, tax relief and cashflow support. Key points include: Over $1.1 billion in cash grants will support small and medium-sized businesses that are most affected by coronavirus restrictions including $822 million as part of the third round of the Business Support Fund. Around 75,000 eligible businesses with payrolls up to $10 million will…  Read more

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