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Love Your Numbers & Practice Protect Partnership

Love Your Numbers recently completed Practice Protect’s Cloud Best Practice Certification program, demonstrating how seriously they take your data security.

After several discussions we have entered into a partnership with Practice Protect to offer you a Cyber Security Consultation, to ensure that your data is secure.


What Will I Learn

What will I learn?

In the Cyber Security Consultation, Practice Protect will run through:

  • A real-life example of a hack to a small family business
  • How new legislation impacts you
  • Five simple steps you can take today to secure your data

About Practice Protect

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Practice Protect is an easy way to manage passwords, control access and protect data online.

It’s designed especially to help businesses better protect and control their cloud applications, protecting over 5000 common applications.

Practice Protect also help businesses by providing training, legal compliance documentation and a Cloud Best Practice certification program.


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