Podcast – Bouncing Back – EP 1 – Imposter

Prior to COVID-19, I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to host a 6 part podcast series for the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.  The series has been released through the  Ahead for Business website.

For many small business owners, failure is an inevitable part of their business experience. When people experience failure it can greatly affect their internal image. This podcast series seeks to reframe the failure narrative. It also aims to provide audiences with a greater understanding of the emotional impact of failure, how to contextualise and ‘normalise’ failure within a small business framework and provide practical advice and tips on dealing with feelings of failure.

“Success in business is confronting yourself as much as the outside forces. It comes back to why you’re doing it in the first place. It’s not failure holding us back – it’s our view of failure.” – Leanne Berry

Episode 1 discusses the idea of imposter syndrome. Entering the small business world tends to involve a steep learning curve. This can result in feelings of being out of your depth and ill-equipped to manage business challenges. This episode emphasises the normality of this experience and how it can impact your wellbeing.

Listen to Australian small business owners and experts including:

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